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Join us on Sunday, October 9 for our annual Poutine Clash where our kitchen crew battle it out for the tastiest, most creative version of that Canadian favorite, POUTINE!

Try them all and then vote for your favorite one.

Our kitchen team has a lot of fun with this yearly event dreaming up some truly wild and mouthwatering poutine dishes. You won't want to miss out on this one, where you'll get to decide which poutine is crowned king.

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Have you ever wondered what the impact on climate change is from the food you consume? At Brewery Vivant we have been thinking about this from the day we opened. We have prioritized sourcing from local farms to support the local economy and reduce transportation miles of our ingredients. We also prioritize sourcing our proteins from non CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) farms. Please join us on Wednesday, September 21 to learn more about the amazing local family farm we source our beef from, Wernette Beef.

For the last 4 years, Wernette has participated in an international study with researchers from Michigan State University that is measuring how various cattle farming practices impact the environment, specifically related to climate change. Their research suggests that grazing cattle among multiple paddocks can contribute to climate change mitigation through the sequestration of carbon in the soil. This study challenges existing conclusions that only feedlot-intensification reduces the overall beef greenhouse gas footprint through greater productivity.

At this event, we will host a panel discussion with members from the MSU research team and farmers from Wernette Beef. They will share more about their research and how you can apply what they have learned to your food-purchasing decisions. The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are required as there is limited space. After the panel discussion there will be a 3-course dinner with beer pairings highlighting Wernette Beef in each course. Tickets are limited for this special dining experience.

Saison, say what?

All about the spirit of saison, the Belgian farmhouse style of beer that Vivant is built upon. We celebrate the fullness of the fields' provisions and a bountiful harvest, lush and fruit bearing. A time to appreciate those who put in the hard work tending the land, to recognize the artisans that turn the fruit of the vine, through the work of their hands, into something magical; something transcendent that deserves to be savoured and shared.
Expect intriguing cuisine from our scratch kitchen, inspiring saison ales, and the usual suspects: that cadre of bon vivants you identify with as YOUR people. After all, saison simply translates as season. And at Vivant, good food, drink and merriment are always in season. 


Our brewers have been hard at work crafting some amazing beers specially for this event. Adding to our Unapologetic Fruit series will be a brand new Sangria ale. Packed with scintillating flavors of white grape, apple, pear, blood orange, blueberry and blackberry, this Sangria is absolutely unapologetic. 
In addition we'll be releasing a new, uniquely brewed ale with rye and spelt that is quintessentially saison. Considering the theme of the weekend, we're calling this one Essential Saison. Always! 
Word has it that our brewers are concocting a third beer for Saison D'etre weekend; something wild, something Farm Hand, something barrel aged that'll be the latest of our Single Barrel Sour limited bottle releases to date! 
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Three cans of Farm Hand Tart Tangerine in a pile of tangerines.

Friends, we're so excited to have finally released our first ever FARM HAND variant as a mainstay option for your drinking enjoyment! As you may know, FARM HAND is the first beer we brewed for the public over a decade ago and continues to be our flagship ale. Tart Tangerine is the evolution of this classic Vivant ale. 

FARM HAND Tart Tangerine is a characterful new variant with bold, in-your-face tangerine aroma and flavor. The tangy tangerine notes imbue the classic farmhouse flavors of Farm Hand making this, one lip-smacking good beer!

You can find Tart Tangerine in select stores throughout Michigan.


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