You say mug club, we say Monk Club. When you become a Monk, we will keep your personalized glass on display behind the bar for your private use. All our Monk Clubbers enjoy discounts on every glass they fill.

As a Brewery Vivant Monk you will enjoy...

  • Your own personal glassware, with custom alias of your choice
  • $1 off any beverage pour at all times
  • $2 off pours on Tuesdays (Monk Club Tuesdays!)
  • $2 off standard growler price any time ($3 off on Growler Wednesdays)
  • 10% off merch and retail beer
  • Waived Walloon Rental Fees
  • Early entry/ Extra beers at B.F.F. Fest
  • First access to unique one off beers, events and disoounts
  • Birthday Beer Cheese & Beer; plus 20% off retail not including beer (+/- 1 day from your birthday)

Please email any inquiries to  [email protected]