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Farm Hand 

Our flagship beer. A crushable, food friendly saison suitable for any occasion.


Our Authentic Czech side pull faucet is currently pouring Cult Pils, Broad Leaf Brewery's number one pilsner.

How do you make a great pilsner even better?  Install a Czech side pull faucet and elevate the entire experience by taking a crisp and refreshing beer and adding the soft and creamy foam that only this style of beer faucet can provide.

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The following beers are seasonal and do not represent our current draft offerings. For a current lineup of tap and canned beers please click the button at the top of the page or reach out to the pub directly.

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Ski Patrol

Whether you’re stuck on the chairlift or you’re soaking in the tub after a long day on the slopes. A warming winter wheat ale with subtly spicy cardamom and energizing orange peel is what you need. 


Tropical Saison

A refreshing concoction of pineapple/mango sweetness with a bright finish— it’s meant for your porch hangs and beach visits.

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Big Red

Big Red features a deep red color and the fruity goodness of Citra hops. This Red IPA is made with medium and dark crystal malts and ample Citra hops, offering flavors of caramel, toffee, toast, and citrus fruits. The yeast adds apricot and stone fruit aromas. Enjoy in a tulip glass for the full experience of its color and aroma, perfect for pairing with food.

Unapologetic Fruit Series

This series is inspired by traditional Michigan pie & jam fruit combinations
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Past Offering
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Past Offering

Straw Barb

Our most popular UnApologetic Fruit variant and the fruited sour we've been making the longest. StrawBarb is every bit as fruity, bold, tart and crushable as ever.

Combining ripe sweet strawberry with refreshing rhubarb and accenting both fruits by blending sour ale into a farmhouse ale base -- StrawBarb is one of our most highly rated and sought after ales.

Jam Jar

This massively fruity tart ale pays homage to the midwestern joy of making preserves. When we aren't growing fruit in Michigan we're making jellies, jams and BEER with it.

To create this unapologetically jammy brew we take fresh farmhouse ale and blend it with our house sour base. Then we add tons of fruit! In this case: blackberries, plums, blueberries and blackberries.  All fruit that you'd use to make delicious preserved treats.

The latest version of this beer might just be our favorite yet! 

Happy Peach

Copious amounts of lush, ripe peaches combine with just the right amount of apricot to form an utterly craveable tart ale. This UAF is a blend of equal parts fresh farmhouse ale and house sour base. This beer gets elevated to extraordinary with that dynamic duo of peach and apricot.


Jacob put together the fruit portfolio on this beer in an attempt to replicate the fruit flavors that dance together and make sangria the refreshing creation we all crave. The tart base for this beer had the following fruit added to it:  White Grape, Blood Orange, Apple, Pear, Blueberry and Blackberry.

We think Jacob nailed it... all the sangria flavors you want and just the right amount of sour. 

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A beer to celebrate with. For toasting the end of summer, crops harvested, and the coming fall. Made for steins, full tables, and singing. We're always excited to have this taproom favorite around in time for Oktoberfest season!
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Wizard Burial Ground

A yearly vintage release, this bourbon barrel aged quadrupel has a whole day each year named after it. Guests come from far and wide to enjoy the delicious depth and richness of this Belgian heavyweight. If there's any beer you plan to stash in the cellar for a few years, this would be the one... if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a few extra cans.

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Pumpkin Tart

Think you don't like pumpkin beers? Well, you've never had a pumpkin beer like this before. This perennial favorite is made with real pumpkin and traditional spices, but leveled up with just the right amount of tartness to make all those fall flavors pop!

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