Farm Hand
Farm Hand Tart Tangerine
Grand Lager

Farm Hand 

Our flagship beer. A crushable, food friendly saison suitable for any occasion.

Farm Hand Tart Tangerine

Farm Hand Tart Tangerine is a characterful new variant with bold, in-your-face tangerine aroma and flavor. The tangy tangerine notes imbue the classic farmhouse flavors of Farm Hand making this, one lip-smacking good beer!

Grand Lager

A crushable lager made with passion in Beer City USA.


Rapid IPA

An American India Pale Ale.

Adventure Series


Ski Patrol

  Whether you’re stuck on the chairlift or you’re soaking in the tub after a long day on the slopes. A warming winter wheat ale with subtly spicy cardamom and energizing orange peel is what you need. 

Tee Patrol

All about enjoying the Michigan outdoors in any season. It's a light ale to which we add tea and lemon, making it a great beer to pair with fairways and mulligans. Perfect for the links or the backyard.

Beach Patrol

A light, summer wheat ale that signals the beginning of summer. This is the perfect beer for hitting lake Michigan on a hot summer weekend, or poolside in your own backyard. A fun and thirst quenching ale.

Unapologetic Fruit Series


Straw Barb

Our most popular UnApologetic Fruit variant and the fruited sour we've been making the longest. StrawBarb is every bit as fruity, bold, tart and crushable as ever.

Combining ripe sweet strawberry with refreshing rhubarb and accenting both fruits by blending sour ale into a farmhouse ale base -- StrawBarb is one of our most highly rated and sought after ales.

Raz Peach

For the latest release of Raz Peach we upped the amount of sour in the blend (to 50/50) to make it pop just a little bit more.  The combo of tart raspberry and sweet peach enlivens this end of summer variant of UnApologetic Fruit.

Jam Jar

This massively fruity tart ale pays homage to the midwestern joy of making preserves. When we aren't growing fruit in Michigan we're making jellies, jams and BEER with it.

To create this unapologetically jammy brew we take fresh farmhouse ale and blend it with our house sour base. Then we add tons of fruit! In this case: blackberries, plums, blueberries and blackberries.  All fruit that you'd use to make delicious preserved treats.

The latest version of this beer might just be our favorite yet! 


Jacob put together the fruit portfolio on this beer in an attempt to replicate the fruit flavors that dance together and make sangria the refreshing creation we all crave. The tart base for this beer had the following fruit added to it:  White Grape, Blood Orange, Apple, Pear, Blueberry and Blackberry.

We think Jacob nailed it... all the sangria flavors you want and just the right amount of sour. 

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