Farm Hand Variants

Join us as we kick off Farm Hand Weekend on Friday, March 11 where we'll be serving the top four Farm Hand variants from the past eleven weeks. These variants will be served as a flight of four, PLUS we'll be serving a second flight of four uniquely weird takes on Farm Hand, specially brewed for the celebratory weekend.

The goal of brewing eleven variants and releasing one each week is to give our guests and club members the opportunity to contribute to our decision making process as we search for the top variant to become a brand new year-round Farm Hand beer. Once decided, that single winning variant will be set to launch sometime in June of this year.

Hope to see you all on Farm Hand Weekend! In the meanwhile, we appreciate your continued feedback about each variant as we continue to roll them out. Stay tuned to social media and this page as we update new information. Cheers!

Variant #11

Citronic Farm Hand

Reverberating with citronic soundwaves, this trifecta of citrus powerfruits lays down the beat and will amplify your taste buds. An amalgam of the big three. Lemon, lime and orange bring a tangy nip to this Farm Hand variant. Bold notes of sweet orange sit atop a tart, bolstered farmhouse flavor. This is one, solid mix!
Large pink vector image of raspberry with Farm Hand logo in center with vector hands in left corner and yellow variant number 10 in right corner.

Razz Hands

This Farm Hand’s got All That Razz berry, if you catch our drift! We’re talking, big raspberry flavor upfront that softens toward the end. Farm Hand is certainly not lost in this but plays nicely with the bold raspberry flavor. Scents of fresh raspberry mingle with our Farm Hand yeast giving it a hazy, dark pink complexion. This beer will have you dancing to Cabaret by the end of the night!

Farm Hand icon of farmer with scythe surrounded by decorative hops graphics.

Farm Hand:Cheat Code

Time to level up with our latest and greatest Farm Hand variant, Cheat Code! Dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra varieties, the dynamism from these two heavyweight hops imparts bursting notes of berries, watermelon and sun ripened peach. The peach, bright with flavor and soft on the pallet, balances out the lemony and tiniest piney undertones that blend nicely with our house Farm Hand yeast. The levels of flavor going on in this beer meld effortlessly into one seamless and satisfying Farm Hand experience.

Tangerine Tart Hand

Tangerine Tart Hand

We kicked off our variant series with Tart Hand, a lemony version of Farm Hand. Now, allow us to introduce to you Tangerine Tart Hand, a characterful new variant with bold, in-your-face tangerine aroma and flavor. From front to back, this variant shouts T-a-n-g-e-r-i-n-e with a capital T! The tangy tangerine notes imbue the classic farmhouse flavors of Farm Hand making this one lip-smacking good beer!

Coffee Sesame Farm Hand

Coffee Sesame Farm Hand- This one’s a unique iteration and sounds downright nutty! So how does that play out with typical farmhouse flavor? Surprisingly well! While staying true to our Farm Hand base, the nose is greeted with pleasant coffee notes blended with black sesame rounded out with peach and apricot esters. Toasted sesame and a light coffee for the finish. A toasty, slightly sweet and nutty profile makes this Farm Hand thoroughly enjoyable.

Hop Explosion Farm Hand

Hop Explosion Farm Hand- Our latest Farm Hand variant leads with a candied lemon scent followed by a fruity mingling of cantaloupe, blueberry and lime, all hop derived, making it an exhilaratingly bright and vibrant beer. This is where classic farmhouse flavors meet modern hop innovation to create an exceptionally scintillating ale.

Blueberry Rooibos Farm Hand

Blueberry Rooibos Farm Hand- This Farm Hand variant layers blueberry & black currant notes with rose & hibiscus aromas that accent the elements of the beer. The rooibos complexities blend with the natural citrus character of our house beer yeast bringing forward a little extra zest to each sip.

Loral Farm Hand

Loral Farm Hand- The versatile Loral hop melds together noble hop aromatics of flowers and soft herbs with a new world citrus character that provides lemon and peach undertones. A modern hop, but with a lineage that stretches back to France, we are excited to share how the addition of Loral alters Farm Hand. This variant is as deliciously drinkable as the original, but with enough lupulin pop to be worthy of an exploring nose.

Vanilla Farm Hand

Vanilla Farm Hand- We took our flagship ale and infused it with the finest of Madagascar vanilla to achieve a lush flavor with a smooth, creamy mouth feel that is reminiscent of your favorite cream soda as a kid. Lip smacking farmhouse flavors balance the delicate vanilla spice creating a delightful, crushable saison


Ambrosia Farm Hand

Ambrosia Farm Hand - Our Ambrosia Farm Hand variant takes our best selling beer and adds intoxicating hop-derived aromas of tropical fruit. Scents of mango and tangerine mix with soft strawberry fragrance and meld seamlessly with classic farmhouse ale flavors. Beware! This Ambrosia might tempt the gods on Mt. Olympus and ignite a jealous rage. But this one is for us mortals alone!

Tart Hand

Tart Hand- Just what it sounds like: A tart version of Farm Hand. We bumped up the tartness level of our classic Farm Hand to bring out more of the citrus flavors and really make them pop.